It is Hennessy Natural Light Really worth the Hype?

It is Hennessy Natural Light Really worth the Hype?

HPW has actually a white, honey color, having a sparkling amber sparkle. Consider it as the consuming one glass of day sunshine.

The fresh new Nostrils

Whenever you unlock the brand new bottles, you will be quickly enticed from the the comfortable, nice, nearly sexual, flowery fragrance. New scent try solid, without being severe, while the prominence of one’s pine try welcoming without getting also seizing.

The taste

From its appears alone, you need to expect a highly painful and sensitive taste; On first drink, the newest HPW carefully will bring their palette having slight flower notes and you may ideas off fresh fruit, and this much slower can become an incredibly advanced and beautiful end.

The conclusion

Among smoothest, gentlest closes off a heart as the strong due to the fact Cognac, the fresh new HPW makes you with no burning feeling. The newest HPW find yourself will give you an incredibly light, floral finish that lasts longer than many other type of Cognac. You will find a very pleasant insufficient acrid resentment and therefore feared line one decreases your mouth area when you yourself have inferior alcoholic beverages.

The mixture

Double-distilled, old for the oak barrels, and you will combined with eau-de-vie in the Bonne Champagne, Petite Wine, Borderies, and the Fins Bois parts, it’s an excellent combination of subservient choices and you can aromas.


The fresh new HPW have perhaps one of the most state-of-the-art combines away from eau de- vie, which have spirits ranging from 2 years the whole way up to fifty, that’s the reason HPW defies regular categorization. However, if it was basically around united states, we may categorize it as a great VSOP-top quality Cognac. They combines a lot of the aromas and choice out of more youthful Cognac’s, nevertheless the easy wind up out of a decades-old heart.

The purchase price

Exactly how far are an effective Hennessy Light bottles? As there isn’t any authoritative HPW supplier in the united kingdom, really container are sold because of the independent importers, meaning that the latest HPW may differ in cost. However, usually, a bottle out-of HPW pertains to regarding the $100-$150 a container (in addition to shipments and you will addressing, if the applicable).

But if you get your absolute light Hennessy regarding the Caribbean or in Cognac, you will be able to get they within $forty to help you $50.

Within view: Hennessy Sheer Light was definitely worth the buzz and legend you to surrounds it. However, because it’s perhaps not imported to your United states, new markup out-of Hennessy Pure White are going to be ridiculous. Though, offered the epic taste as well as respect since an uncommon heart, you can sorts of forgive the price.

Putting aside our conspiracy ideas on the as to the reasons it isn’t marketed here (it’s a marketing tactic by Hennessy. Government entities are stock piling they having nefarious function!), let us talk about listed here alcohol.

Hennessy Pure White the most flexible cognacs for the the new (limited) market: it’s white enough to getting intoxicated cool if you find yourself imparting good fruity and you will flowery cards, however it is sufficiently strong enough to hang a unique for the a cocktail.

Hennessy Absolute Light are a prominent to own cognac lovers of any age otherwise sense, and it is ideal for those collectors, community vultures and magnificence aficionados just who only want to very own something that no escort girl Alexandria one more has.

These are loan companies, they will find the Hennessy Absolute White are upwards their alley, thanks to the exclusively breathtaking, one-of-a-form style of the fresh new bottles. At the conclusion of a single day even when, whether you are collecting they to have build or material, the fresh Hennessy Natural Light usually unite both camps having its unbelievable preferences.

Once again, Hennessy provides but really supply Us americans a much respond to. The present concept would be the fact they “clashes” with regards to newest advertising from high class comfort. That i physically discover absurd: Hennessy Pure White retains a unique which have VSOP-quality Cognacs, from inside the taste and fragrance, plus the packaging is really as beautiful as 2nd bottle.

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